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Grimmy mention on Real or no real on 17.04.2014

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About a week ago (?) someone was asking on someone’s blog whether they’d dreamt up the idea that Nick spent a full day singing Harry’s songs at him. I don’t know who you are or where you asked, but I hope you see this because you did NOT dream it! They talk about it during Harry’s phone call on the first Breakfast show! 

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Artist: BBC Radio 1
Title: Harry connecting with a wall on Grimmy's evening show 30-08-2012
Album: Nick Grimshaw

Harry Styles: Aargh!
Nick Grimshaw: Are you ok over there?

Harry connecting with the wall in the studio on Grimmy’s evening show on 30-Aug-2012, which Nick quite dramatically retold Annie Mac a few days later (02-Sept-2012 - audio here)

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Before I disappear off on my clipping holidays - here’s a couple of cute clips of Nick on Gemma Cairney’s new morning show this week.

aka the ones where Nick and Gemma talk babies, a tight jean, and onesie fashion.

31.03.14 and 02.04.14

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My favourite Breakfast Show game - WHO DID YOU DM LAST?

Feat. Aimee, Nick and Adele having tea, Jess Glynne and Fake Harry Styles.

"Could we send fake Harry Styles to annoy real Harry Styles? Like maybe just wear the same clothes as him and follow him around?"


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Well this is awkward….

That time Ian tried to call Danny Dyer on the number Danny Dyer gave him because they are totally BFFs and stuff. 


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Fearne does something rather unexpected and Nick unleashes the truly epic Selfie megamix on the nation :D


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Artist: Showquizness
Title: If Grimmy wrote a 1D song
Album: R1 Breakfast Show


Question 3: If you could write a song for One Direction, what would it sound like? (03.04.2014)

"Hey yeah, why don’t we go out somewhere baby…"

"I’m Harry, let’s marry… in a church"

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Title: #Selfie Megamix


#Selfie performed by Scarlett Johansson, Fearne Cotton, Danny Dyer and Collette Cooper.

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Anon request!

Stand aside Danny and Scarlett, it’s the Selfie remix we’ve all been waiting for!

Collette is so great :DDDDD


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BEHOLD - the one picture I have with Nick and Liam in it (I have one other but tumblr kept cutting Liam out of the little square).

Request for an anon! The 1D chat from this morning when they played Story of my Life and Romy from Bath drew attention to a possible Liam-shaped hole in the song…


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In which Clean Bandit probably aren’t coming on the Breakfast Show any time soon.


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In which Nick and Matt talk Ian through their incredible musical performance for Anne Hathaway.


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The best bits of Showquizness today.  In which Nick wonders what it’s like to be unpopular, struggles with the English language, and speculates on just how long a degree in The Conquests of Harry Styles would take (a Bachelor’s degree, naturally).


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Interview gravitas with Nicholas Grimshaw.

"How was it going to work with Calvin Harris?"


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