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“Me and Zac did it twice.” — Nick Grimshaw talking about Koalaing with Zac Efron (we think)

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“Some of the biggest names in the arts world are joining forces with the BBC to expand its cultural coverage. (…) Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw will be one of the judges on The One Show’s art competition, with the winner seeing their work on display at the Royal Academy.” — BBC to expand cultural coverage (x)

This is what is going on right now.

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Anonymous said: Hey, how many dogs does nick have? I know about puppy for sure, but I've heard Lex and something else...? Thanks!! xx

Well in October of 2012 he had a dog named Lex for about a week? 


but then his friend Aimee moved in with him and brought her own dog named Thurston. So I’m assuming they couldn’t accommodate both Lex and Thurston at the same time so he had to give Lex back. 


then Aimee moved in with her boyfriend Ian so Nick got his own dog named Puppy Power Forever (just Puppy for short) 


Nick still looks after Thurston every now and then but as of right now he only has one dog named Puppy. 

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grimmyesp said: Hi! tumblr is acting weird lately so idk if this got sent already but I just started a Grimmy blog exclusively in Spanish do you mind telling your followers about it? :3 // Holaaa, si alguien habla español por acá los invito a pasarse por mi blog dedicado a Grimmy. Los espero <33


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Anonymous said: who is Gillian? She is always mentioned! X

Gillian Orr also known as Gellz is an absolute legend. She is one of Nick’s oldest (meaning he has known her for a long time not that she is old) pals.

She used to live with Nick and Henry Holland back when they all first moved to London.

ALSO she was 1/3rd of Hanson (aka the time Nick, Harry and Gillian dressed up as Hanson for Poppy’s Hen Do) 

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Anonymous said: Did they record the show today in a different studio? It looked almost reversed to where they usually sit.

They filmed it in a different studio. The last time they did that was for the muppets interview for the camera angles. I’m not sure why they had to do it in the other room for Zac but yeah it wasn’t in their regular studio. 

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Look what Nick Grimshaw is holding…

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why henry holland wins at twitter part 1/?

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